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Why you should become a Holydays member

Holydays membership gives you the luxury and convenience of your private homestay in Vrindavan, and much more! It will completely transform your Vrindavan experience.

If you and your family visit Vrindavan every year, be it on a weekend for Banke Bihari darshan or for Bhagwat Katha, Holydays membership is perfect for you.

A home in the iconic Krishna Bhumi township: Krishna Bhumi has been conceived as a model village of Vrindavan, with all the modern amenities that you need for a comfortable stay and an extraordinary experience.

A home close to the world’s tallest Krishna temple: Krishna Bhumi is taking shape adjacent to the upcoming Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir conceived by ISKCON Bangalore.

A home in Vrindavan whenever you visit: You can come to Vrindavan and stay in your personal luxury apartment whenever you visit Vrindavan, even during the peak seasons when finding an accommodation is next to impossible.

The perfect plan for everyone: Krishna Bhumi provides attractions for all your family members, young and old. This temple township will be close to the upcoming Krishna Leela theme park that will have laser shows, musical fountains, themed story telling areas, goshala, and more.

A hassle-free Vrindavan experience: Right from organising the pujas and parikramas to arranging the darshans and special pujas, we look after every little detail so that every moment you spend in Vrindavan in simply blissful.

A thoughtful gift: You can gift your Krishnabhumi Holydays membership to your near and dear one without paying anything extra. All you need to do is just obtain a Guest Certificate from us.

The perfect wedding destination: What better place to get married than in the blessed land of Sri Krishna? A Holydays membership lets you avail all your rooms (for the entire membership tenure) on one single day to host your guests.

Key benefits of a Krishnabhumi Holydays membership
  • You can stay in your home in Vrindavan for 7nights/ 8days every year for 15/ 25 years
  • Enjoy all the world-class amenities that a Krishna Bhumi resident gets
  • The freedom to split your Vrindavan stay multiple times every year
  • A customised service that arranges all your pujas, darshans, and parikramas
  • The opportunity to gift your membership at NO EXTRA COST
  • RCI Platinum membership
  • Access to worldwide properties affiliated to the RCI in 100 countries
  • Better trading power (RED) on RCI platforms
  • Apartment Guide

    No. of members
    Apartment type
    Couple with 2 kids below 12 years OR 3 adults
    Couple with 2 children OR 4 adults
    1 BHK
    2 couples with 4 kids OR 6 adults
    2 BHK

    Special Benefit on Exchange Fees

    To make your Krishnabhumi Holydays membership even more exciting, we are waiving the first Exchange Fee of every year, for the first five years. This means, when you decide to exchange your Vrindavan stay with another RCI-affiliated resort, you don’t have to pay any Exchange Fee. This offer is valid only for the first exchange every year on short-haul trips within India and to the South East Asian countries (except Maldives).

    If you have ever felt that you should visit Vrindavan more often, Holydays will make that happen for you. Krishnabhumi Holydays is more than just a membership. It is a promise to yourself to take out 7 days from your schedule and spend it in Krishna’s holy land.

    RCI Platinum Membership

    Get an RCI Platinum Membership with your Krishnabhumi Holydays Membership. Enjoy the privilege of exchanging your Vrindavan stay with any of the 4,000+ world-wide RCI destinations across 100 countries.